General Camp Information

Week-long Camp Fees (T-Th 9:00 am -4:00 pm / F 9:00 am - 1:00 pm:  $85.00 

Tiger Twlight (Wednesday Evening):  $40.00 Wednesday Night 4:30 to 7:30

Webelos Woods Overnighter (Friday night/Saturday morning):  $10.00 per scout.  
No additional fee for Guardian.

Please contact your pack coordinator to discuss individual pack registration deadlines and payment options.  
**Camp Registration After May 15 - $100.00 

Volunteer Training 
Please leave your cub scouts and other children at home during the training

*2nd Thursday of June at Roundtable 7:00 pm 

*Monday the week of Camp, at Game Farm Park Wilderness 7:00 pm. 
(Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on at the training on Monday)

Volunteer Resources & Training 

Camp Map

Enter camp  in the lower left corner of map - at the first Camp entrance.  Watch for signs!:

  • Park as directed by parking guides.  See more info below..  
  • Back In Parking Only. 
  • Volunteers check in at headquarters.  
  • Cub Scouts check in at Gathering area / Flag

  • Copy of Map will be in the walking and station leader books.  
Adult / Youth Volunteer Training

All Adults Attending Camp Must be Youth Protection Trained!!! YPT Certificate must be valid through July 31, of this year.  
(YPT is only good for ONE year in the Chief Seattle Council.  These can be uploaded at the time of registration.  *After completing your registration, on the home page, right click the volunteer blue button to the right of your name.  A drop down menu will offer the option to upload your YPT.) 

Seattle BSA Link

The "Youth Protection Courses" for our new, and continuing leaders may be found online at

Seattle BSA YPT Link

You'll have to create a unique user name and password before
you can get started. 
If you are a registered BSA volunteered, you can enter your number.  If you are not a current registered BSA volunteer, your YPT will not save.  So, you must save/print a copy for your records. 

Suggestion:  Print two copies when training is completed - One for your records and one for your Pack Coordinator.

Walking Leaders/Den Chiefs:

Arrive at Camp, sign in, and be ready in the gathering area by 8:30 am.  

Please review the walking leaders guide available below.

Station Leaders/Station Aides:

Arrive at Camp, sign in, and ready to collect station supplies by 8:00 am.  

Pack Reminder:  Each Pack needs to bring fresh ice every day to keep items in coolers cold.  Additional coolers are also useful to store extra water and lunches.  One cooler per den will be provided by the camp.




Please see the guidelines below for clothing during camp.  Those volunteers who volunteer all four days during camp, Tues - Fri, and have their pack volunteer schedule turned in on time (May Roundtable Deadline) will receive a FREE Camp T-shirt in appreciation for your help and service.

If a volunteer would like a camp shirt, and is not able to volunteer at camp for four days, they may purchase one.   Volunteer shirt color is Navy Blue, design pictured here. $9.00 per shirt or hoodie sweatshirts for $26.00.  Money and order is due through the pack coordinator by May Roundtable Deadline.  (Maroon is Core Staff / Purple is Cub Scouts)
Other Things to Consider:

Since we provide good council to our Scouts, the same applies to our Leaders and Volunteers; as most of the same rules of what to bring and not to bring to camp apply. What you'll really need, and this is a short list, are:

  • Modest, comfortable, and appropriate clothes.

  • Good tennis shoes or hiking boots, No open toe shoes or sandals.

  • Station Leaders will be issued a camp identifier for the day. Please return these to headquarters for the next day's use.  All Volunteers attending all 4 days of camp will be issues a camp shirt to keep.  

  • A good hat that shades you from the sun.

  • Sunglasses.

  • A good solid water bottle that can hold about a quart.

  • Wear sunscreen and bug repellent (put it on before entering camp)

  • Fanny packs or day packs.

  • Sharpie.

  • Pen or Pencil

  • Although "It never rains at Day Camp," be weather conscious!.    

Also, since you will be walking around most of the day; go on some walks with your family or workout for the week or two preceding camp and build up your endurance so that camp life is not such a challenge - remember, you'll be addressing your needs and the needs of a number of Scouts who may be in a new experience.  Please come equipped with some activities, etc. during down times or to change things up a bit; a bag of about half a dozen small activities can be useful.  Song and Skit Books can also be a big help!  Ideas will also be in the station and walking leader handbooks.