Pack Coordinator's Page

Confused, need some information?


1.  Always feel free to call or email us with questions!
Alyshia Compton - Camp Director
[email protected] / 253-905-4437
 Melani Hunt - Camp Director / Treasurer
[email protected] / 253-332-5691

2.  Be sure to review the handouts from your coordinator's bag and the online registration generated forms!

Volunteer (Adult & Youth) Roster - Online Registration Generated

Payment Form - Online Registration Generated

(For Online Registration See Tiger Twilight tab)

(For Online Registration See Webelos Woods Tab)

(For Online Registration See Special Edition Tab)

Rank Requirements Achieved at Cub Camp 2019 - TBD

3.  Review the training links available here on the web page:



January 10th - Attend Day Camp Coordinator Training

March- Promote Day Camp to Scouts and Families: hold a Parents' meeting to answer questions and give details about program.  Collect fees, registration/health history forms, organize pack information (due 4/13).  Begin getting the adult/youth volunteer schedules organized (due 5/11).  Start reminding the volunteers of required training dates!!!

April 11th - Pack's camp registration and fees are due, after this date additional reservations are allowed only if space is available.  * Checks made payable to BSA. 

May 9th  - Adult/Youth Volunteer Schedules are due - PLEASE!!!  Last chance to order additional shirts or hoodie for Volunteers.  T-Shirts are $10.00 ea and Hoodies $28.00

June 13th - Day camp Coordinators, Walking Leaders, Station Leaders, Camp Aids, Attend District Roundtable for Training- REQUIRED.  

July 8th - Schedule 2 volunteers from your pack scheduled to help with camp setup.  2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Leave cubs at home.  Be ready to work!

July 8th- Camp Review- For all Volunteers - REQUIRED!  Please leave all scouts and sibs at home.  

July 9th - 12th  - Help everyone attend camp and have a great time!  Think about arranging for Car Pools, Ice/Cool Assignments, Cub Camp T-Shirt Washing Assignments.

July 10th - Tiger Twlight Camp

July 12th - Schedule 2 volunteers from your pack to help with camp take down.  1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  Have cubs head home.  Be ready to work!

July 12th - 13th - Webelos Woods Overnighter.  Make sure all the boys who want to go have what they need to attend and have a great time.