Tiger Twilight Camp

Foothills District 
Tiger Twilight Camp

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
4:30 pm - 7:30PM

Game Farm Wilderness Park
2401 Stuck River Drive  Auburn, WA

This camp is for new Tiger Cubs and  their Adult Partners

Cost: $40.00 per cub
No additional fee for Adult Partner

This includes a t-shirt for both the Tiger Cub and his Adult Partner, 
and all projects. 

Registration Deadline June 30th 

Steps for Online Registration:
1. Click Registration link above. 
2. Everyone needs to register with the system(one time only).  Click Create Account just below the Sign In Bar. 
3. Fill in the information and submit.  It will then return you to the Log In screen.  
4. Log In.
5. Under Registration Forms, pick the appropriate response on the drop down menu. (In this situation - click on Webelos Overnighter) 
6. Fill in your information!!

To complete your registration, please submit your Tiger Twilight  registration fee to your Pack Coordinator before June 30 or pay online upon registration.