Pack Coordinator's Page

Confused, need some information?


1.  Always feel free to call or email us with questions!
 Melani Hunt - Camp Director
[email protected] / 253-332-5691

2.  Be sure to review the handouts from your coordinator's bag and the online registration generated forms!

Volunteer (Adult & Youth) Roster - Online Registration Generated

Payment Form - Online Registration Generated

(For Online Registration See Tiger Twilight tab)

(For Online Registration See WEbelos Woods Tab)

3.  Review the training links available here on the web page:

June Volunteer Orientation Presentation
Unavailable until June 15

Compliance Form
Unavailable Until June 15


February 9th - Attend Day Camp Coordinator Training

March- Promote Day Camp to Scouts and Families: hold a Parents' meeting to answer questions and give details about program.  Collect fees, registration/health history forms, organize pack information (due 4/13).  Begin getting the adult/youth volunteer schedules organized (due 5/11).  Start reminding the volunteers of required training dates!!!

April 13th - Pack's camp registration and fees are due, after this date additional reservations are allowed only if space is available

May 11th  - Adult/Youth Volunteer Schedules are due - PLEASE!!!  Last chance to order additional shirts or hoodie for Volunteers.  T-Shirts are $9.00 ea and Hoodies $26.00

June 8th - Day camp Coordinators, Walking Leaders, Station Leaders, Camp Aids, Attend District Roundtable for Training- REQUIRED.  Attend the training, collect the compliance forms, and turn them in to the core staff.  For any volunteers that don't attend this meeting you must collect a compliance for from and turn it in before camp begins. 

July 10th - Schedule 2 volunteers from your pack scheduled to help with camp setup.  2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Leave cubs at home.  Be ready to work!

July 10th- Camp Review- For all Volunteers - REQUIRED!  Please leave all scouts and sibs at home.  

July 11th - 14th  - Help everyone attend camp and have a great time!  Think about arranging for Car Pools, Ice/Cool Assignments, Cub Camp T-Shirt Washing Assignments.

July 12th - Tiger Twlight Camp

July 14th - Schedule 2 volunteers from your pack to help with camp take down.  1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  Have cubs head home.  Be ready to work!

July 14th - 15th - Webelos Woods Overnighter.  Make sure all the boys who want to go have what they need to attend and have a great time.